They say writing comes from personal experiences. Whatever we write, bringing our personal content to the pages only enriches and deepens the experience for the readers.

“It’s Just Me”, my first children’s book, has given me the opportunity to share a personal experience from many years ago. Though I would have preferred it to be a joyous one, it was painful. Although that painful experience has become a big part of my life, my intent is to show others that it doesn’t define who I am. Many things define who we are which ultimately create unique individuals. 

“It’s Just Me” is a new picture book for grade-schoolers that tells a story of believing in yourself and respecting each other for what makes each of us special and unique. Rosie discovers what makes her special, and how she and her classmates come to appreciate how to enjoy each other for who they are. Being a kid can be hard sometimes. Especially when others don’t really know you - the REAL you.